Bringing Jobs to Bristol

Jon Rogers welcomes major new funding for Bristol and business backing for his Barrage Campaign 

Dr Jon Rogers, Liberal Democrat candidate to be Bristol’s first elected Mayor, today welcomes news of major funding – backed by business leaders – for access routes to the Temple Meads Enterprise Zone to develop the arena and the multi-mode transport hub.  

Jon has championed local councils working with business in the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) as the best way of pumping vital funds into improving Bristol’s infrastructure and driving growth, prosperity and jobs.

The new pot of cash comes from a fund set up by the LEP and provides more than £20 million for roads and pedestrian ways in the new Enterprise Zone at Temple Quarter, close to Temple Meads rail station.

Jon said: “This is fantastic news, removing barriers to growth and backing business to create the thousands of new jobs our city needs.

“If I am elected Mayor, this is exactly how I aim to take our city forward, working closely with business to get things done.

“The last thing we need now is a return to the old Labour way of doing things – so-called regional development agencies which failed Bristol time and again and dashed the city’s hopes of getting a new arena even though the RDA had the land to do it.”

Jon Rogers – who has made opposition to multi-million-pound plans for a Barrage across the River Severn a key plank in his election campaign – has welcomed the LEP’s strong support for his view.

The board of the LEP, which has been judged to be the country’s most effective, said a Barrage – backed by former Labour minister Peter Hain – would have a negative effect on Bristol’s Port.

LEP chair Colin Skellett said: "We are all agreed the impact of the barrage on the environment far outweigh the benefits. The scheme is based on technology which is out of date and the carbon footprint of the barrage would be enormous."

Jon Rogers said: “Once again, the Liberal Democrat view is in step with that of business leaders – while Labour’s threatens the economic progress of our city and region.”