Visiting Henbury and St Bede's schools on GCSE day

After the success of Oasis Brightstowe I cycled over the hill, past Blaise Castle estate (and the wonderful council nursery there) to Henbury School.


There I met with Clare Bradford Headteacher and her staff. We were soon joined by dozens of young people, as well as being interviewed by BBC Points West and BCFM radio.  Some great coverage at the Post this morning their article "Bristol GCSE results 2012 buck national trend"

My final school visit was to St Bedes in Lawrence Weston.  This was the school that gave all four of our children a great secondary education, and I joined Miss Hughes and Miss White and congratulated them on yet another successful year.


We were joined by my wife and oldest daughter, Joanna. Miss Hughes has been at the school for 17 years, and she started when my daughter was in her final year there. They reminisced, and Miss Hughes proudly showed us around the many changes to the school buildings.